Woman whispering into someone's ear PhotoFind out what THE Performance Improvement Conference attendees had to say at last year’s conference (see below). Then, make plans to attend a pre-conference program April 8-9 and the full four-day conference April 10-13 in Orlando, Florida.

Register by March 11 for an early registration discount and firm up your travel and hotel arrangements at the Swan Hotel, so you will be ready to connect and learn!

“ISPI offers the most relevant, pragmatic ‘sharpen-the-saw’ professional development opportunities I’ve experienced. Thank you for your serious dedication to our field.”

“The main advantage of this conference is keeping up on the current research in the field.”

“This was my first experience attending the ISPI conference. I would definitely participate again based on my positive overall experience from this conference. The Speed Mentoring Session was extremely beneficial and perfectly executed!”

“This was the best conference I have ever attended. I found it so valuable to meet and learn from the masters in the field. I am very appreciative of the experience and have already implemented some of what I learned in my organization…that doesn’t happen very often from my experience…Thank you for putting together an outstanding conference.”

“Great conference!!!! The committee did a fantastic job pulling this together. I cannot wait until Orlando.”

“This was an amazing conference of tremendous value to me. I returned to work energized.”

“Thank you for a fine conference. Speed Mentoring was an outstanding offering in addition to so many other events.”

“Absolutely and completely blown away by the quality of your preparation and product delivery. You get A+ across the line.”

“This was my first time at an ISPI conference. I found it quite useful, quite substantive, and people quite friendly. Overall–really enjoyed, and I will hope to attend others in the future.”

“The opening session was the best I have ever experienced, because it was very energizing, and tied in to HPT.”

“Loved Marshall Goldsmith and Diana Whitney. The sessions were really focused and right on for me. Great conference.”

“I really liked Gary’s discussion at the bagel barrel. I feel that people like myself who are coming out of school get blindsided when they join the professional world. We don’t really know how to present our ideas, write for business (reports & proposals), and we end up learning the hard way by applying the way we write for school within our new company (i.e., it gets wordy instead of direct and to the point with explanations to follow)…Thank you ISPI! This was a great conference, and I sincerely hope to make it next year :-)”

“The conference was great and the sessions for Chapter Leaders were very helpful. Thanks for a great job!”

“I have been to many conferences and this was one of the best ever. Please continue whatever you’re doing!”