Chapter Leader Workshop PhotoThe Performance Improvement Conference 2011 is bringing a unique opportunity to chapter leaders! Learn how to grow a prosperous chapter at the Chapter Leaders’ Workshop (CLW) on Saturday, April 9, from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. This complimentary full-day event is open to all ISPI chapter leaders.

The workshop offers rich dialogue, exercises, some presentations, table interaction, a panel event and a complimentary lunch with the ISPI Board. Workshop topics and presentations include the following:

  • Structured table discussions about chapter board successes and challenges–Jim Craumer, CLW Master of Ceremonies
  • The 2011-12 ISPI President’s address: What to expect for 2011-12–Judy Hale 2011-12 ISPI President
  • Panel discussion about growing and strengthening a chapter–Dick Handshaw, 2011-12 CPC Chair, panel facilitator
  • Complimentary lunch with the ISPI Board (including questions and answers)–Gary DePaul, 2010-11 CPC Chair
  • Surviving complexity the systems way (working more hours is not the answer)–Ed Muzio, CEO, Group Harmonics, Inc.
  • A working dialogue to identify better ways for chapter boards to leverage the CPC–Dick Handshaw, 2011-12 CPC Chair

Chapter leaders will take away a wealth of knowledge and support from this workshop that they can apply to their own local chapters. After leaving this workshop, attendees will be able to present best practices and lessons learned to their chapter boards, leverage free and low-cost resources for enriching chapter programming, and systematically address the challenges that arise in running a local chapter.

CLW is a complimentary workshop for all chapter leaders; attendance at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2011 is encouraged but not required. Pre-registration, however, is required to reserve your seat. Use the conference registration form to register for the Chapter Leaders Workshop. See you in Orlando!