By Mary Norris Thomas, CPT, PhD, Clare Elizabeth Carey, CPT, EdD, & Jeanne Farrington, CPT, EdD, 2011 Conference Presenters

Yikes…in the workplace, demands wait for no one, yet haste makes waste. What to do? Grab-n-go with the latest best-selling technique du jour or hunker down into analysis paralysis? Sounds like you might be faced with an “SOS” dilemma.

“Productivity Practices” will challenge mind-sets about quick fixes versus evidence-based solutions that work in the real world. If employing an appealing workplace fad, the hoped-for results will only come about by chance. Therefore, it is important to differentiate tempting sound bites from evidence-based solutions.

Have you ever been asked or even wondered yourself about the following questions?

  • To improve performance, does success breed success?
  • When giving feedback on performance, should you offer five positives for every negative?
  • Does the “7 +/- 2” formula really work?
  • If you want to show your competence, is it best to speak first in a group setting?
  • Will losing 15 pounds improve your likelihood of promotion?
  • Are face-to-face meetings more effective than virtual meetings?
  • Does practice make perfect?
  • Do colors in instructional displays affect knowledge retention?
  • Do ISPI members enjoy greater success in the workplace?

Hmm…wouldn’t it be great to have some strategies to help you diagnosis problems accurately and select valid solutions that will result in desired outcomes? Our session will help practitioners avoid common workplace practices that jeopardize desired results.

The research underpinning our session directly links to performance improvement best practices. Participants will engage in lively discussions on such topics as:

  • Factors affecting workplace decision making
  • Identifying workplace performance assessment biases
  • Relationships between job performance and customer relations
  • Avoiding feedback interventions that hurt performance
  • Choosing design criteria that affect training effectiveness

Research-centered and reality-focused, our session will engage performance professionals to hone their competence and confidence at making timely, evidence-based decisions that deliver high-value solutions. You will learn about using evidence and developing sound arguments that illustrate how your practices add true value. Go ahead and send your SOSs…our session will come to your rescue!

Mary, Clare, and Jeanne are three of the 100+ presenters sharing their knowledge and expertise at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2011, April 10-13, in Orlando, Florida. If you would like to learn more, you may attend their 60-minute presentation, “Productivity Practices “SOS”: Solutions or Sound Bites?”

Mary Norris Thomas Clare Elizabeth Carey Jeanne Farrington

About the Authors
Mary Norris Thomas, CPT, PhD, Clare Elizabeth Carey, CPT, EdD, and Jeanne Farrington, CPT, EdD, are dedicated ISPI members and proven HPT practitioners who apply evidence-based solutions to their unique work environments. They look forward to sharing ideas with you at the Orlando conference and welcome your comments at