The workplace, how we communicate with one another, and what we know about learning is changing and evolving all the time. Performance improvement professionals are known for their commitment to staying abreast of all the latest developments. Take advantage of ISPI’s upcoming pre-Conference programming, which gives you more education choices, in addition to attending THE Performance Improvement Conference 2011, to stay on top of your game. Attend the Principles and Practices Institute, CPT Certification Workshop, or one of the seven one-day workshops to increase your professional know-how.

Do not underestimate the value of in-person training to enhance your career and proficiency in human performance technology. Choose from two-day and one-day programs that accommodate your specific needs and interests. Remember you can sign up for a pre-conference event whether or not you attend the Conference. Separate fees apply. Sign up early to secure your seat before sessions fill.

Principles and Practices of Performance Improvement
Friday, April 8, and Saturday, April 9 – 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Principles and Practices of Performance Improvement Institute is the premier learning event for those ready to acquire the performance consulting mindset so critical in today’s business climate. Workplace examples and collaborative analyses of case studies pull participants into active problem solving as they learn the foundations of performance improvement.

Certification Workshop: Preparing for the CPT
Friday, April 8, and Saturday, April 9–8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Whether you work primarily in instructional design, technical documentation, process improvement, or performance consulting, this workshop will show you how the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation can help you prove that your work adds value to your clients and your organization. During this workshop, you will get an overview of the standards on which the CPT is based, the certification process, and how to get started. Note: The cost of the CPT certification application is included in the workshop. Find out more about certification.

Stay on Top of Your Field: One-Day Workshops
Saturday, April 9–8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Whether you are new to the field or looking to enhance your skills, ISPI’s one-day workshops will improve your proficiency and knowledge in a specific topic area. Limited in size and facilitated by experts, these seven workshops provide the tips, tools, and techniques necessary to remain a top performer in your field.

A Systems Approach to Training
Adelee Mirelez, Administaff, & Lisa Jasper, CPT, Administaff

Have you ever been provided a training solution to a problem before you even started your diagnosis? Stakeholders, wanting to see results now, use training as a quick solution without addressing the problems. Taking a systems approach to performance problems ensures gaps are accurately identified and solutions are effectively aligned with organizational strategy. In this workshop, participants will use a systems approach by working through real-life examples and experiences to accurately diagnose performance problems.

An Introduction to Six Boxes® Performance Thinking
Carl Binder, The Performance Thinking Network

The simple models and plain language of The Six Boxes® Approach can drive rapid communication about performance and accelerate improvement across all levels and functions in an organization, addressing performance challenges great and small. This workshop teaches elements of Six Boxes “performance thinking” for team alignment, needs analysis, best practices initiatives, implementation planning, training support, leadership and management development, and other performance improvement efforts. It introduces language and concepts that participants can start to apply immediately.

Strategically Thinking Outside the Box
Suzanne J. Ebbers, PhD, LuminEssence Change by Design

Tired of change that does not really change? Interested in problem solving that produces sustainable solutions? Frustrated with organizations guessing how to fix a problem? Look no further! The science of performance can join with innovative thinking to build strategic solutions that do not just address symptoms. This workshop applies Roger Kaufman’s MegaPlanning strategic thinking framework to designing sustainable solutions. Through fun, everyday scenarios, and personal application activities, you will take home a powerful “outside the box” tool.

Constructing Level Two Evaluation and Certification Systems: Technical and Legal Guidelines
William Coscarelli, Shrock and Coscarelli, & Sharon Shrock, Southern Illinois University

Improving human performance requires that performance be measured. In response to demand from customers, certification of competence to provide a service or to use or maintain a product is increasingly a norm. Performance technologists can add testing expertise to the value they offer their organizations, even if they have no formal prior training in measurement. This workshop provides an overview of current practice in creating and documenting practical and defensible performance assessments.

Sustainability: Core to Your Business and Bottom Line
Sheila L. Margolis, PhD, Workplace Culture Institute, & Beverly Oviedo, Sustainable Solutions by Design

Discover an innovative way to infuse sustainability into your organization. Reap benefits that improve your bottom line and contribute to society and the environment. This workshop begins with an overview of sustainability–what it means and why it matters. Then, using the Five Ps model and case studies, you will create a plan to integrate sustainability into your culture and achieve the financial benefits your company needs during difficult economic times.

Instructional Design: Reinforcing Fundamentals and Providing Advanced Skills
Darryl Sink, Darryl L. Sink & Associates, Inc.

This workshop will help participants gain fundamentals and advanced techniques in instructional design. Participants will come away with specific tools they can use right away back on the job. The workshop provides an opportunity to apply what is learned to a project of their own. It focuses on the practical aspects of developing training and educational programs. Join us for a performance-based and business-results oriented program.

Performance Improvement Consulting: Ideas, Models, and Tools
Roger Chevalier, CPT, PhD, Improving Workplace Performance

This workshop equips consultants with state-of-the-art information for improving individual and organizational performance by providing ideas, models, and tools necessary to systematically consult with clients. The workshop is based on three sessions selected as Encore presentations at past annual ISPI conferences and on Roger’s award-winning book A Manager’s Guide to Improving Workplace Performance. Participants will have the opportunity to use what they have learned in a highly interactive skill practice.

Secure Your Seat, Register Now
Be sure to register now for the pre-conference Institute or workshops, April 8-9, separately or in addition to THE Performance Improvement Conference, April 10-13, in Orlando. Register early to reserve your seat before sessions fill up. For more information about the full conference schedule, topics, and speakers, visit ISPI’s Conference website