By Sonia Di Maulo, 2011 Conference Presenter

Teams who cannot communicate and motivate each other cannot achieve success. Teams who can are invincible!

  • Creativity is unleashed.
  • Accountability and responsibility are reinforced.
  • Respect and trust run rampant.

It is time to use authentic feedback to retain, motivate, and foster team connection!

Feedback is a critical aspect of a properly functioning system. Understanding how feedback affects the system–or organization–both positively and negatively, can greatly affect its course. In cybernetics, feedback that promotes change is positive feedback. Negative feedback is intended to maintain the status quo and limit change. In the workplace, I have witnessed the same phenomenon! Fact is, strategically implementing a feedback system that recognizes, focuses on the positive, and demonstrates respect creates a healthy, happy, and productive organization!

A key aspect to feedback is its definition and perception by an organization and its people. If feedback is seen as a gift (instead of as a negative expression of power), it is an opportunity for people to share successes, and also to share concerns they have been withholding, or address situations that they want to clear up. Doing so consistently, with the proper tools and training, and with intent makes giving and receiving feedback easier.

Feedback (or data) is one of Gilbert’s six essential components of behavior that affect performance, best shown in the article “The Six Boxes: A Descendant of Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model,” and it has had an incredible impact on how I approach performance challenges in the workplace.

Feedback is an essential part of performance improvement. Based on my experience as an instructional designer and professional facilitator, and working with clients for the past 13 years, I have witnessed excellent performance feedback sessions and those that lack structure and formalized output. The best feedback is given with respect once credibility has been established. Over the past three years, I have become passionate about feedback because I have seen the positive, powerful impact it can have if done right.

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Sonia Di MauloAbout the Author
Sonia Di Maulo, MA, is founder and lead feedback enthusiast of Ready to Feedback. She has witnessed the power of authentic feedback engage, retain, connect, foster trust, improve performance, and affect the bottom line! In her spare time, she exposes exceptional performance at work, home, during her travels, and even while she shops! She offers training, coaching, and keynotes aimed at getting the world Ready to Feedback! She may be reached at