Daniel R. Bielenberg, Director of Capability Development Strategy, Accenture, & Dana Alan Koch, Learning Strategist, Accenture

Wednesday, February 16, 2011–1:00 p.m. EST (USA) Register Online

Session Description
This session answers the question “Do high performers in an organization learn differently than others?” and if so, what we can learn from “high performer learning” to strengthen our approach to skill development for all of our employees. These are the questions we set out to answer and the results are influencing what we do at Accenture. In this SkillCast session, we will discuss our “How High Performers Learn” research, which included both internal analysis as well as a survey of external research. We learned some interesting things about our high performers in relation to social learning, development planning, engagement, and autonomy.


  • Discuss an approach to conducting high performer learning research
  • Explain four key dimensions of how high performers learn
  • Discuss implications of how high performers learn in context of their own organization
  • Describe potential actions that can be taken to help other learners become high performing learners

By analyzing the learning approaches of individuals who produce high-quality results, we can determine implications on our learning and training programs. Participants in this session will be able to leverage the insights we gained in their own training programs. They will also understand our approach to the research so they can conduct a similar study in their own organizations.

This session is for you if you have high performers and you want to optimize how they learn so to accelerate the development of others.

About the Presenters
Daniel R. Bielenberg
leads the Capability Development Strategy team for Accenture’s global Center of Expertise. He is responsible for overall learning strategy and learning architectures for Accenture. Dan has over 20 years’ experience planning and designing learning programs for many different content and target audiences. His current focus is developing strategies and solutions support integrated talent development across Accenture’s diverse workforce. Dan has a master’s in instructional systems design from Florida State University.

Dana Alan Koch is a learning strategist at Accenture. In his role he defines new learning architectures and introduces learning innovation to the company. He helps determine how to use new tools, technologies, and approaches to improve performance of Accenture’s professionals. He also leads a learning research team, which enables evidence-based decision making regarding capability development and learning efforts. Dana has over 20 years of experience planning, designing, and developing learning programs. Dana has presented at international conferences and published articles on a variety of learning related topics. He has a BA from Brigham Young University in organizational communications and an MA from Northwestern University’s Institute for the Learning Sciences.

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