Philip KirbyBy Elaine Steiner, 2011 Conference Committee

Upcoming 2011 ISPI Conference keynote speaker Philip Kirby, Organization Thoughtware International Inc., joins ISPI in Orlando, Florida, for THE Performance Improvement Conference 2011.

What will you walk away with at the end of Philip’s “Thought Provoking” journey at the ISPI Convention 2011? Is he right or crazy…either way you will not stop thinking about it for days, months, and, we hope, years.

Thoughtware! Such an appropriate name for what we all need to do–rethink how we think, work, adapt, and reinvent ourselves to meet the “conceptual age.”

I spoke with Philip a few days before the Christmas holiday when he was wrapping presents for his family. I got the immediate sense that he is quite a family man and very proud of his four children. It is apparent that Philip’s energy and his active wife’s thinking have not only built their business but have been passed down to their four children…entrepreneurs, musicians, artists…a very athletic, keep-it-going family!

At this April’s conference I am certain Philip’s energy and passion will surface in his presentation when he takes us on a journey to explore, learn, practice, implement, sustain, and grow… learning how to get rid of waste in the way we think, work, act, and help organizations. We need to challenge organizations to think around purpose by rethinking business processes.

Philip started this dimension of thinking approximately 20 years ago in one of his first jobs in the electrical control business at a time when businesses were thinking about Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality, and ISO initiatives. For him to truly understand it all, he immersed himself into several hands-on jobs to fully understand these concepts. Concepts they were and still are; as he feels organizations and individuals never fully got to the main ingredient for success…a true culture change. As a result, not much has changed. For the individuals working through these different initiatives, it seems to be the flavor of the month. Now is the time, and Philip knows organizations are ready for true, lasting culture change and can show you how to achieve it.

I asked Philip how we as organizational development designers, instructional designers, trainers, and practitioners get involved in this process change. His answer: Culture Change = Culture + Cash; and to achieve this we as must change our thinking, embrace the conceptual age, and tap into those who are ready to rethink the processes organizations have put into place. Different or enhanced skills are needed that involve the soft skill side to create a true culture change.

Experiential learning is what is needed; employees need to be involved in and part of the change to create a lasting culture change through behavior change. Our new generation of workers is ready to embrace the changes needed to be part of the fast moving technology and better design.

The Lean processes (getting rid of waste by finding better ways of thinking) and ‘thought leaders’ need to rethink how we work with organizations. We must be ready to design training in real time using action learning, problem solving, and so forth to truly change the culture.

Are you ready? How quickly can you learn, adapt, and build your skills to meet these new challenges? Philip will help you understand and learn what we need to support the new age of thinking. Thoughware!—let’s enter the journey together and our thinking will be changed.