By Gary DePaul, CPT, PhD, Chair, Chapter Partnership Committee

Chapter leaders have a new, log-in-free, social networking site called the ICC: the ISPI Chapters Coalition. This site complements the’s Chapter Leadership & Resources Center.

About the ICC
The ICC is a collection of topical webpages designed to promote dialogue among chapter leaders. We ask chapter leaders to leave comments, questions, and responses to questions.

On each page, you will find:

  • At least one blog topic
  • Links for more details and resources (including links to Chapter Leadership & Resources Center)
  • Per topic, a link to add comments

Categories representing social network communities include:

  • Board meetings
  • Finance
  • Programming
  • Publications
  • Community services
  • Membership
  • Communications
  • Online services
  • Elections
  • Chapter of Excellence
  • Student/Faculty services
  • Professional relations
  • Forming
  • Revitalization
  • CPC

Creating the ICC
Guy Wallace led a small group of chapter leaders to pilot the site to determine chapter leaders’ needs for a social network site. Guy created the site to be a temporary solution until the Society implements a permanent collaboration site. CPC thanks Guy for his passion to connect chapters with each other and to provide a single location to enable chapters to help one another. Thanks, Guy!